The first seven minutes, Sarnia cross struck the right, David - Silva restricted area before the ball turned and hit the door over the bar. The first 20 minutes, the Arsenal left the ball low and flat, Sarnia siege mistakes, the ball came to the foot of Walcott, Walcott left the restricted area small-angle shot hit the side-netting. The first 22 minutes, De Bruyne after cutting inside the right touchline, long-range kicker, the ball fell to the ground saved by Cech. The first 32 minutes, Manchester City midfielder sent forward pass, Aguero heel pass plug De Bruyne, De Bruyne foot shot into the restricted area, the ball draw doors. After 1 minute, Ozil Walcott received the ball, out of the way before the angle of the penalty area line right foot long shots, the ball fly to score the door far corner, 1-0! First half injury time, Arsenal Qianchangduanqiu, Ozil sent Zhise frontier closed area, Giroux forward runs broke his left foot low shot! 2-0! Half of Harding Park, Arsenal's two-goal lead.

Easy side battles, Manchester Stirling replaced with Deer Fu. The first 48 minutes, Otamendi knocked Walcott booked. The first 54 minutes, Monreal left low-lying ball, Campbell outflank Tuishe hit high. The first 56 minutes, Kolarov free kick to the penalty area, Aguero header was obtained by Cech. 58 minutes, Aguero restricted area shakes Leipzig free kick again Cech confiscated. The first 60 minutes, Campbell Zhisai, Ramsey broke into the restricted area you want to hit the door was Joe - Hart blocked. The first 63 minutes, Bernie substitute Aguirre Roden Field. The first 67 minutes, then team-mate Campbell straight high-speed plug Unfortunately, Hart poke inside the restricted area was blocked. The first 73 minutes, Navas played replaced David - Silva. The first 75 minutes, Navas corner, Bernie Cech header was off. The first 82 minutes, Bernie the right cross knock, Yaya - Toure is not adjusted to keep up with his left foot catapult, dead ball into the sky, 2-1! Arsenal hit back then, Ramsey teammate straight into the restricted area lob wide. The first 88 minutes, Toure and his teammates into the restricted area after the wall with a low shot missed. With the end of four minutes of stoppage time, referee whistle to end the game, Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City, just two points behind Leicester City ranked second in the standings, Arsenal four points behind Manchester City Ranking third.

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