Defeat to the Lakers play the Thunder went to the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center arena challenge, which has just lost at home to pelicans, both teams are eager to win ended a two-game losing streak is experiencing. Nuggets in the first half of the game leading up to 20 points, but the Lakers rely margin of 16 points in the third quarter go-ahead score, and with Bryant in the final four minutes to lock the game with 9 points victory, ending a two-game losing streak, At the same time give each other three-game losing streak.

Lakers data: - Kobe Bryant 31 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, Jordan - Clarkson 19 points and eight rebounds, Luis - Williams 17 points and five assists, Larry - Nance 10 points and 2 rebounds off the bench aspect road, Julius - Randall 8 points and 10 rebounds, Brandon - Bass 11 points and 6 rebounds.

Nuggets data: Kenneth - Farid 14 points and 9 rebounds, Gary - Harris 21 points and 1 rebounds, and reserve Will aspect - Button 25 points and eight rebounds, Randy - Randy Foye 9 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, Nicholas Pull - Jokic 15 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists.

Clarkson opened the offensive succeeded in casting the whole game prologue, small Nance scored four points, Kobe Bryant hit in the cast, the Lakers opening in good condition, the Nuggets here only La Papa Nicholas makes a 3 points Louis - Williams reentry 3 points, the Lakers opening 11-3 lead. But since then has become a Denver show time, Barton hit two consecutive 3 points, Papa Nicholas La reentry third, although Bryant labeled 3 + 1, but the Nuggets offensive too fast, take advantage of the go-ahead score. Barton again scored eight points, Foye dropped 3 points, the Nuggets offensive unabated, although this period Bryant hit consecutive jumpers, but could not withstand the opponent full play, the first section after the Lakers 26-34 8 points behind.

Section between the back rest, Barton continued chopped 4, Foye layup, the Nuggets tried to score points difference widening. Russell into third, two points Clarkson into the bag, the Lakers will score has remained at about 10 points, the Nuggets here - Gary Harris promptly stood out with 6 points, Farid also play brave basket cut 4 points, the Nuggets rely on excellent overall score attack Jason Giambi opened the points difference to 20 points. Nick - Young shot succeeded, Louis - Williams shooting, small Nance dunk success, Bass extension to create a single anti-free throws, the Lakers at the end of this section wave of attacks hit 8-0, the score points difference narrowed the field After the Lakers 51-64 behind 13 points.

Easy side battles, Nance dunk, Bryant put up to 3 points, the Lakers started the second half like body good, Papa La Nicholas and Harris were dropped into a meter third, the Nuggets outside fire still unabated, Louis - Williams dropped into third, Clarkson scored 4 points, Hibbert and Nance in the paint also contributed, the Lakers played 12-0 wave of attacks will be sent out to only two points, Jokic basket finally hit the field to help the Nuggets to break the scoring drought, but the Lakers found here has been completely state, Louis - Williams then into three points, points difference is only 1 point. This section last minute, Bath and Randall inside each scored a goal, the Lakers to 83-80 go-ahead 3 points the end of the Festival.

Randall continued to score inside, Jokic same lesson hit singles, the two sides tug of war for some time. Distal game, the two sides hit rate has decreased, the Lakers always maintained a slim lead three minutes or so. Competition also 4 minutes, Louis - Williams three point shooting foul free throws, Bryant maintained a good feel in the cast succeeded again and thereafter three-point shot foul shot three free throws, the Lakers extended the lead to 6 Minute. - Gary Harris suddenly angry, two shots contribution 5 points, the Nuggets still biting the score. Bass then Bryant hit two assists to stabilize the situation in the field. Time left the last two minutes, the Nuggets do not attack, Bryant shooting foul firmly hit free throws, the Lakers ahead again five minutes, then the Nuggets still not able to be labeled according to attack, Bryant again hit in the cast, the Lakers victory.

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