According to the "Los Angeles Times" reported, Chris - Paul said he had made a recovery from the groin strain injury.Because of a groin strain, Paul missed the previous two games.The situation is definitely getting better." Paul said.Paul in November 5 Clippers game against the Warriors was injured, he hopes to play Friday against the Warriors Clippers game.I want to play, there is no doubt." Paul said.In the last season, Paul played in 82 regular-season games, and this is Paul's first career to do this.Paul said that the feeling of sitting in the field is difficult to match in the last two games, he said: "It's very difficult, but as I say it, you have to learn to look at the overall situation, obviously, you need every game , but able to April, May and June to prepare better, and not just in November. In addition, Paul said he too forced himself in November 12th Clippers in a game against Dallas (after the injury worse), he decided to listen to the body's feel.In short, the team can do it, you do not need to do it in November on a hero, we have great players, we have Austin - Rivers and Pablo - jope" Paul said. .In addition, JJ- Redick because of back spasms missed the past two games, could return in Friday's game.Reddick could play the game that day, he will not do a lot today," Doug - Rivers said. "He felt much better, but again, you want to take a cautious approach to a back injury.Back injury might make you feel good today, then the next day feeling very bad," Rivers said. "When Reddick back when he is healthy.

2015/11/18 2:32:18