Miami sits at home to usher in the challenge of the piston, the Heat comeback in the first section of the tragic established 16-point lead in the case, the piston rely Pope last minute go-ahead score with 7 points, Bosh did not hit the lore lead the Heat to 92- 93 regret losing the piston.

Heat data: Dwyane - Wade 19 points and five rebounds, Chris Bosh - 20 points and 3 rebounds and 2 assists, Hassan - Whiteside 16 points and 16 rebounds and four blocked shots, Benno - Deli 14 points, six assists and three rebounds. Substitute aspects, Gerald - Green 8 points 4 rebounds and 3 blocked shots.

Pistons data: Reggie Jackson - 18 points, five rebounds and three assists, Andre - Drummond with 11 points 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Kentavious- Caldwell - Pope 14 points and three assists. Substitute aspects, Stanley - Johnson 14 points, four rebounds and three assists, Steve - Blake 12 points and two rebounds.

Heat can only start to feel the heat of the hot to describe their first nine possessions tied seven times and scored 14 points lead, Whiteside start to vote with a penalty scored six points, Wade rely on individual ability continuous break layup. Start performance of the piston relative to the average, rely Reggie basket goal to break the deadlock, but with the pause back, Reggie mid-range shots and hit the outside third to help the team quickly catching up the score. Both teams then began to strengthen the defense, Reggie became the only outstanding player of the piston, the Heat play all soldiers to help them build once double-digit advantage. Stanley Pistons last paragraph here - Johnson even into the two three-pointers, but the Heat into the state complete control of the situation, Chris Bosh dunks succeeded, Steven Gerrard hit the third, the first section of Harding Park, the Heat to 34-18 to establish 16 Leading points into the sect.

Second section back, the Heat continued to maintain hot hand, Bosh and Steven Gerrard - Green even in two three-pointers, but the Pistons better here, Blake and Taliaferro combined for 3 three-pointers to take the initiative. Pause return piston continues fiery state, teenager Stanley - Johnson scored two three-pointers, and the Pope also achieved Blake scored three points, three rain piston instantly reduce the score to 4 points. Since then the two sides into a stalemate, the piston on the offensive rebounds very successful, Drummond and Reggie successive rely on an offensive rebound to score the last paragraph of the Heat still can not find the good way, piston persistent efforts, Morris scored 4 points, Reggie almost buzzer layup to help the Pistons scored the last minute go-ahead score. Harding Park half, the Pistons to 54-52 ahead two minutes into the second half.

Easy side battles, Heat half the adjustment is quite good, Deli start with two goals to help the Heat to tie the game. Pistons failed to extend state, before the start 4 minutes and 25 seconds in to get only 2 points, one round even grab four offensive rebounds to score but failed to convert. But then quickly get back the feeling of the piston, Morris hit a shot, Drummond dunks succeeded, the Pistons re-stabilize the situation and to maintain a slight advantage. The last time the Heat shot a wave of feeling back flow, Bosh became the team's biggest hero, his first basket succeeded, followed by three hits, one person contributed 7 points to help the Heat completed a go-ahead score. Section III cruised the Heat to 75-72 lead into the fourth piston.

The last 12 minutes of the competition is fierce, the two teams are very difficult start to the score, the first to open up the situation of the Heat, Whiteside basket hook made this section first points, followed by Josh - Richardson hit a shot will be divided widened to 7 points. Suspend the return of the piston rapidly back feeling, Blake teamed help Taliaferro hit three three-pointers in mind, had pulled a big score soon be reduced to 2 points. Heat holding a slight advantage since then still in active, Wade prison crucial goal to help the team keep the lead. But once again display its power piston, Pope hit a key three-pointers, one contribution of five points to help the team succeed his go-ahead score. The last time the two teams alternating the lead, the Pope became the piston savior, he again hit a key shot at the crucial moment to help the Pistons lead, the final countdown stage, both teams failed to score again, Drummond last minute rush Under a defensive rebound has been sent to the free throw line, he made two free throws to give the opportunity to all the blacksmith Heat lore. But Bosh vacancies shot failed to lore opponents. Eventually, the piston away from home to beat the Heat 93-92 to get the thrilling victory.

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