Last week Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho announced the lifting of the contract, the Blues dressing room infighting hot issue once again become the focus of public opinion, the former Chelsea player - Pat Nevin told BBC radio interview that Mike Mussina did not want to effect what Spain Midfielder Cesc Fabregas, but Fabregas has denied the allegations, and said to put legal means to safeguard the personal reputation.

Pat Nevin then publicly apologized to Fabregas, said his meaning was misunderstood, he did not blame Fabregas betrayal Mussina meaning. Fabregas accepted his apology, and in a period of personal social pages updated statement clarifying the rumors again.

Fabregas wrote in a statement: "I am delighted - Pat Nevin BBC for their comments and apologized and made corrections, I hereby reiterated Mourinho and I maintained a very good relationship I worked together for a coach every effort to show the club is more important than the individual players, this year we let the whole club and head coach in trouble, but we are a group, I'm sure we can change the situation. As long as there fans support, we will be able to get through this difficult time once again become the powerful former Chelsea.

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2015/12/24 14:13:12