Rocket away game challenge today magic, bad state of the rocket with 13-point deficit entering the fourth quarter, the margins they once go-ahead score in the Harden led, but the last time Fournier scored a key goal to regain the lead, Thornton grab the last moment not in the third vote, the Rockets to a 101-104 loss to the Magic lost the game.

Magic Data: Nikola - Vucevic 21 points, six rebounds and three assists, Tobias - Harris 19 points and eight rebounds, Evan - Fournier 17 points and five rebounds and four assists, El Freed - Payton 12 points and nine assists. Substitute side, Aaron - Gordon 14 points 3 rebounds.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 31 points, seven assists and three rebounds, Dwight - Howard 12 points and seven rebounds and three blocked shots, Clint - Capella 10 points and five rebounds. Substitute aspects, Thailand - Lawson 11 points and three assists.

Magic home game start to feel very hot, Vucevic hit consecutive shots first to open situation, then Frye outside hit the third one with 5 points, excellent feel to help the Magic took the lead. Rocket start formal, Harden made the first team to get the first points scored, but then missed two free throws Howard fouls. Magic rely on state continue to push the fiery break, Fournier counterattack labeled as 2 + 1, the Magic was the score widened to double digits. Pause return rocket quickly back the state, Jones first hit the third, then labeled as 2 + 1 play momentum, plus Harden again in the third, the Rockets 11-2 offensive sent quickly catching up the score. The last paragraph of the rockets continued hot state, suspended the return of Lawson shooting succeeded, Harden vote with a penalty scored 4 points in the Rockets scored 10 points in the last paragraph 33-27 lead six minutes into the second section.

Second section back, the magic changed the tide strong counterattack, Gordon even get three points with a fine cast, Nicholson outside hit the third, the Magic scored 10 points start once go-ahead score. Fortunately, the rocket here awake in time, Motel paint continuous score, the rocket re-ahead score. Magic stalemate first breakthrough, Gordon, Fry and Fournier hit four three-pointers three together, hot hand to help them quickly establish a nine-point lead and lead. Last paragraph of the third rocket rely Beverly slightly to stabilize the situation, half of Harding Park, the Rockets to 53-59 with six minutes into the second half disadvantage.

Easy side battles, magic usher good start, Vucevic and Fry succeeded continuous shooting, the Magic 8-0 start of the offensive will be widened to double digits. Harden became deadlocked Team under the pillar, he relies on a powerful personal ability to hit consecutive shots, he who contributed 8 points to help the Rockets to narrow the score. But the magic side of the state is clearly better, Vucevic and Fournier's continuous score to make the score remains high. Rockets side had to rely on third Thornton stabilize the situation somewhat, but the impact of rapid magic hoop Rockets guard. Three cruised the Rockets to 74-87 behind the magic 13 points.

The final section, the Rockets ushered Jedi, magic pretty bad start, in the first 5 minutes and 50 seconds they rely solely on Jason - Smith's goal to get 2 points. Rockets ushered in a strong counterattack here, Harden outside hit the third, Lawson also has excellent play, hit his first shot, then hit the third ball then Harden, the Rockets sent a wave of 14-2 offensive to reduce the score 1 Minute. Harris third critical moment to help the Magic to stabilize the situation, but is fully back the state of the rocket began to score, Harden was sudden foreign investment to become the most anti-player, the Rockets once go-ahead score. Last time,. Magic here Fournier scored key goals, and Trevor Ariza missed third, the situation is completely tendency magic. Then there is a chance to tie the rocket, but Thornton's rush to vote did not in the third staged a miracle. Eventually, the home game of the Magic beat the Rockets won 104-101 victory.

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2015/12/24 14:30:30