Liverpool coach Klopp said they still did not fill the vacancy left by Gerrard departed, and if possible, he would like to bring back veteran midfielder.

Gerrard to leave Liverpool in the summer switch to the Los Angeles Galaxy, he is currently training with the Red Army to follow. For the name of the club feats, Klopp said: These players must stand up to fill the vacancy left by Gerald This is a daunting task, trying them, but they are very young and that's not an excuse, I say. the actual situation, we are working on.

Gerald and I talked about many things, but these words are not external. I am an optimistic guy, but he still under contract, it is clear that it is currently not leased, but if you can, we'll do it.

Although Liverpool is currently ninth in the league, but the Red Army reached the League Klopp still confident in the top four. He said: It certainly is possible, we must work hard for every victory, we all know that is very difficult, we have prepared for this.Life you always need a little luck, especially in the world of football, you want to get the victory (you need luck) we lucky in some games, but not all of the games are so, let us good luck The way to start the game. Now we need to win in order to stay competitive team, so everyone must keep the faith.

On the issue of winter signings, Klopp added: We remain calm, if you want to feel the confidence, trust and respect, then you need to pay if I think there is one player can solve all our problems in the world. So let us raise money to buy all of his very simple. 

But just because everyone asked me signings, this is not the reason we buy. We know the price, we have injuries, if not to buy any new, so we'll stick with the existing players.

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2015/12/26 11:10:46