Today Warriors sits at home against the Cavaliers, the Christmas war in the east and west two leading teams strong dialogue, the game is very intense, Curry 6 of 15 shots in the state in general, but the excellent state Green scored 22 points and 15 rebounds, Eventually, the home game of the Warriors near misses to 89-83 victory over the Cavaliers, firmly secured the league throne.

Warriors data: Curry 19 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, Klein - Thompson 18 points and six rebounds, Bradley Richmond - Green 22 points and 15 rebounds, and reserve areas: Livingston 16 points, three rebounds, Andre Iguodala 7 points and 3 assists.

Rider data: James 25 points and nine rebounds, 13 points and 3 rebounds Owen, Carrefour 10 points and 18 rebounds, JR- Smith 14 points and 1 rebounds off the bench aspects: Dellavedova10 points, 5 rebounds, Tristan - Thompson 8 points and 10 rebounds.

Warriors scored the first start, Bogut basket succeeded, but the Cavaliers immediately give retaliate, JR- Smith hit two three-pointers, James jumper, Irving also manufacture anti-two free throws, the Cavaliers ahead score. However, this Festival Knight hits a marked decline in the second half, in 5 minutes, only Dellavedova labeled 2 + 1; the Warriors took the opportunity to pull the score, Bradley Richmond - Green soared in the third, Curry opened scoring model, He labeled as 2 + 1, hit in the cast, and the third, individuals scored eight points to lead the Warriors blasted 8-0, the Warriors opened the points difference to 9 points. Although James stand out in this section last strong sudden scored 2 points, but the Warriors Green and Livingston scored 4 points together immediately retaliate, the Warriors at the end of the first section to 28-19 lead with nine points.

Knight in the second section back back feel, Mo - Williams one up that is caused by one-third foul three free throws, Dellavedova and Carrefour also succeeded basket, inside and outside the flowering knights the points deficit to 5 points, seeing Warriors momentum does not adjust quickly called a timeout. However, the Warriors failed to prevent the knight paused and scoring momentum, James back soon labeled as 2 + 1, Owen also manufactures killing two free throws, Knight further narrow the points difference, only 1 point behind. Warriors has yet to back feel, in the middle of this section into a 3 minute scoring drought, James and Owen succeeded continuous attack the basket, the Cavaliers played 5-0, successful go-ahead score. But the Warriors in this section of the final two minutes to wake up in time, Curry and Klein - Thompson stood up together shot down six points, the Warriors to stop the tide to 45-42 go-ahead 3 points again.

Clay - Thompson in the third quarter to open one up that is scoring model, he made two free throws to attack the basket, and soared in the third and jumper, individuals scored 7 points, while James Green also completed mistakes counterattack dunk, the Warriors played 9-2, to extend their lead to eight points. In case the team can not score, James soared in the third to stand up and layup, JR- Smith dropped into the third, the Cavaliers to the points difference again narrowed. This holiday segment and a half, both teams hit rate decline, the Warriors only seven minutes in this holiday Curry, Green and Livingston jointly scored seven points, but the Cavaliers hit rate is not high, only Thompson and James in basket Under succeed. Three Harding Park, the Warriors at home continue to be 64-59 lead.

Warriors bench early in the fourth consecutive scoring Livingston, individual scored six points to help the Warriors maintain a leading edge. Knight aspect the hit rate is still not high, and failed to set off to chase points climax. In Klein - Thompson and Green Lane sudden foreign investment together scored 4 points, the Warriors have made 10-point lead, the game time is less than four minutes left. James once again to come forward at this time, he completed two consecutive break dunk in mind, Carrefour also tipped hit, Knight 6-0, the points deficit four minutes, the game time as well as 2 minutes. Although after JR- Smith again in the third, but Curry stand out retaliate 2 break finger roll record, the Warriors able to stabilize the situation, he continues to lead with 5 minutes, leaving only one minute to the knight. After the attack, James not only use foul tactics, the Warriors missed two free throws, but James is not in the third, continued to foul, this time Iguodala made two free throws, the Warriors this victory.

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2015/12/26 11:29:11