Thunder sits at home challenges ushered in Denver today, although less double the audience together Thunder scored 56 points, but the Thunder until the fourth quarter before setting the true sense of the lead, but after setting up the leading Thunder did not give the opponent the opportunity . Eventually, the Thunder beat the Nuggets 122-112 victory to win.

Data Thunder: Russell - Westbrook scored 30 points and 12 assists and 9 rebounds quasi-three pairs of data, Kevin - Durant 26 points and 10 assists and five rebounds, Serge - Ibaka 19 He points four rebounds and three blocked shots. Substitute aspects, Enes - Canterbury 21 points and eight rebounds.

Nuggets data: Kenneth - Farid 25 points 11 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, if Frey - Ernie Lowe 18 points and four rebounds, Gary - Harris 16 points and three assists, Jameel - Nelson 15 points, eight rebounds and five assists. Substitute aspects, Will - Barton 19 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

Although the strength of less than rivals and away from home, but the Nuggets start but even better, Farid and Harris jointly arranged the team before the start of eight points to help the team start 8-2 lead and forcing the Thunder started in the game 2 minutes 50 seconds will be called timeout. Thunder start here rely solely on Westbrook's layup scored 2 points. Thunder returning after a pause continuous snatching offensive rebounds by Durant hit the third to stabilize the situation, the state began to gradually recover Thunder hit back, Ibaka twice received the ball hit shots Westbrook, Thunder returned after pausing was 6 shots hit 5 balls. But the Nuggets performance here is not bad, Farid child box dunks and scored six points, Nelson hit three outside stabilize the situation. But unstable state Nuggets soon lost touch, rapid counterattack opponents no way Thunder, Durant hit easy shots, Westbrook continuous foul free throws, the Thunder played a strong offensive go-ahead score 13-3. The last paragraph of the Nuggets get back the feeling, Barton back layup labeled 2 + 1, the Nuggets scored 9 points last paragraph catching score. The first section of Harding Park, the Nuggets to 31-32 behind a minute into the second quarter.

Second section back, the two teams continue to maintain the excellent state of thunder here Kantor even vote with a penalty scored 5 points, including the basket storm of 2 + 1, the Nuggets here rely Jokic and Asia Joseph's three-point ahead score. Thunder and less after the double main gradually return but not play well, and they once 3 minutes and 15 seconds in a minute can not. Nuggets Yuezhanyueyong, the last paragraph of their continuous storm succeeded, Ernie Lowe dunks succeeded, Nelson outside hit the third, the Nuggets wave flow to help the team build a strong 10-point advantage. Harding Park half, the Thunder rely on fast-break layup Westbrook final eight points behind to 53-61 entering the second half.

Easy side battles, the Thunder has changed in the targeted defense, although they will start to be dropped into the third opponent, but then they spread out the defense to the Nuggets shot severely limited, Thunder side hit three consecutive double less points, Thunder from the potential of both ends of all subsequent rely Robertson 2 + 1 success equalizer. The key moment of the Nuggets to regain feeling, Ernie Lowe continuous score, Harris outside hit the third, the Nuggets still maintained a slight advantage. But this advantage was soon submerged in Thunder bombing, Durant and Payne teamed up last-minute hit two three-pointers, the Thunder go-ahead score to 91-88 entering the fourth quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the Nuggets crazy attack again, although Payne start again hit the third, but the Nuggets quickly fired back here Barton hit the third, then rely on the counterattack Foye layup, Nuggets Once again go-ahead score. The key moment Kantor 2 + 1 to help the Thunder to stabilize the situation, followed by Westbrook and Ibaka consecutive dunks blew the audience rose morale, corresponding points difference came to eight points. Since then, although Nuggets rely on a continuous score sights hot pursuit, but the Thunder also has a good offensive side, scoring Durant dominated situation, Thunder firmly hold the advantage of 8 points to bottom. Eventually, the home game of the Thunder beat the Nuggets 122-112 to win the victory.

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