Balotelli in the summer transfer period on loan back to Milan last minute, people have hope that he will recover peak, to Milan and the Italian national team to contribute. But the pity is that the bar of God played only four games suffered a groin injury, the injury sustained more than a month still not healed, Balotelli had determined to undergo surgery to eradicate injuries.

Prior to the bar of God has come to Copenhagen to accept the doctors Hull Mickey examination, doctors diagnosed the bar of God there are sports hernia groin problem, you must surgery to cure. The previous conservative treatment did not achieve the expected results, the bar of God still feel pain. In this case, God chin and Milan, Liverpool two clubs decided to schedule surgery, the bar of God will visit Germany on Tuesday to accept the final consultation before surgery, and underwent surgery on Wednesday or Thursday.

The Milan vice president Adriano Galliani has confirmed the news, adding the total on Monday said, "We have decided to arrange Balotelli surgery, but I do not want to disclose further details. We have done everything and reach Liverpool club agreement, or let doctors it. "" Gazzetta dello Sport, "said the ballot is expected to take three months to recover after surgery.

2015/11/18 3:02:26