According to Western media, "Aspen Daily" reported that the former Barcelona midfielder Xavi told Portuguese newspaper "Record" indicates that he was very respected Cristiano and Mourinho, but acknowledged that there are differences Moody handsome football View.

Harvey won numerous trophies at Barcelona, ​​he said:. "I spared no efforts to Barcelona and the Spanish national team, and also feel very happy that I have no enemies in the world of football."

Speaking former teammate Lionel Messi, Xavi said:. "Cristiano, Neymar and Suarez are unparalleled players, but they are not a level and Macy fitness better player now, it's hard to attack or had lost They, the space on the pitch smaller. But Messi can do that, he can create space for himself, scoring change the military situation. And his performance decades, remains the top level. "

Harvey commented Cristiano: "I am full of supreme respect for Cristiano, because he is a very professional people in the past few years he has Golden Globe nominations, also won him several very aggressive, he has been eager to. himself and his team bring success. He is the benchmark for all the players. "

In addition, the Spanish players also talked about Mourinho: "in order to win him at all costs, and this is his way of doing things and I respect this idea, but do not count means mean that you can not really kick strike that. The method is not necessarily justified. I very much respect for him, he has won a lot of things, but my football and his different outlook. "

Speaking Portuguese Super League, Benfica midfielder Xavi praised Gaitan, saying it could play for any team in the world. In addition, he also said that it would concern a good friend Casillas performance in Porto.

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2015/12/28 15:44:22