I have grown a lot in Madrid, and is wearing the captain's armband in growth. I have a 21-year old members of Real Madrid. At present, I do not see the possibility of becoming President of Real Madrid, I hope to be able to stay in New York for three years. Now look at perhaps the easiest is to be a coach, but this is a challenge. My heart belongs to Real Madrid, Real Madrid, I would like to be able to have performed well, but now I want to work for all the Spanish team Become a coach or the President of Real Madrid? the future things we never know, Maybe. "Raul said in talking about the possibility of his return to Real Madrid.

For the Spanish ambassador job, Raul said: "I was working for the Spanish brand, which will certainly be a big challenge as we will in the establishment and growth of the New York office, and I respect that they can participate. He said this project was very happy. I was in the United States to retire, I also want to continue to live in the United States to go. "

For La Liga next promotion route, Raul views with the Spanish President of the same: "There is no doubt that we have the world's best teams and players, but we do need to learn on the economic benefits of the Premier League and we are so. do, for example, had reached into television, then we must continue our efforts to contribute to the promotion of the Spanish overseas. "

Lauer also pointed out the United States must rely on youth football development support: "Spanish football's success lies in the youth, whether players or coaches, their qualities and abilities are trained at the academy, if the United States wants in football On success, we must start from the youth. "

2015/12/29 10:34:24