Manchester United captain Rooney stressed that the Red Devils players still trust the team coach Louis van Gaal.

Manchester United in the 0-0 draw with Chelsea in the round of the league, the Red Devils created several opportunities in the game, but failed to knock on the door guarded Courtois, eventually reluctantly accepted a draw.

Saihouluni said:. "The game is the team's situation at the moment we have created a lot of chances, but failed to grasp any of them we played some great performance, fans have been supporting us, you can. This is what it means for the players to see. We are going through a difficult time, but we are united as one, we fought hard in the field, which won this game. We know that this is a disappointing result because we dominated the game, but that's football."

As for whether the Manchester United players still trust the team coach Louis van Gaal's problems, Rooney feeling of being offended, he replied:. "Yes, of course, a lot of people say a lot of different things if we do not do everything on the court, then we will let myself down. You see our fans, they follow us anywhere, if you do not play well, then we do not deserve the name of a professional player. In difficult times, we must struggle, we all know this. We will continue our efforts, Manchester United will be back. We have to work, I am sure victory will eventually come.

2015/12/29 10:36:41