Juventus on loan at Bayern's French star Koeman said he was grateful Allegri then trust in him, but in the end still think Bayern and his style is more blending of the team.

Recalled in an interview in Paris that year career, Coleman said: "Paris factions, and this makes me feel a bit difficult integration, such as in Turin, I can be a normal exchange and old players in Italy, but in Paris a little different, like a super player like Ibrahimovic, he is not the kind of young people would come up to hug and give you recommendations, he is more concerned about himself. It makes me feel very good, I know I need to end it all I hope to get more opportunities, but everything in this team about winning, it's very difficult, so when the contract expires, I consider leaving, even though Paris is my favorite team, and forever They are, but I have to consider the career. "

Subsequently, Coleman joined Juve: "Do not easy in the beginning stages of Juventus, their training incredible contrast, when I was in Paris is always nothing, when Boba return from the World Cup when, helped me a lot where he is from nearby Paris, we get along very well, he helped me a lot, Allegri important game let me play, he gave me the feeling that I was his player, I was relying on his future players. "

But in the end, Bayern's pursuit to make comin choose to leave again: "In fact, in 2014, when Bayern had contacted me, but then, I have promised to join Juventus, but this summer, I think this is an opportunity, I was in Munich feel good, I now see less reason to leave the team, I have a contract buyout clause, so I need to prove Bayern worth the money to buy me, I hope they do, but there are two years. "

For the arrival of the melon handsome and Ancelotti's departure, Coleman said: "I'm sorry he's gone, Guardiola is a great coach, he taught us a lot, but another great coach will pick for him, An Qieluo Di won the Champions League three times, he knows how to win, I really appreciate that. 

2015/12/29 10:43:51