State authority Football website "transfer market" announced the 2015 annual Europe-wide worth the largest increase in 11-man roster, which played phenomenal performance in this year's Belgian midfielder De Bruyne's worth, up from 20 million euros last year to this year of 60 million euros, it is the largest player worth growth. Also enter the lineup also includes Barcelona star Neymar and Suarez.

In a recent interview, the Manchester City midfielder De Bruyne said: "The best time is just beginning." De Bruyne 2015 is by far the most career-high light of the year, in the first half, led Wolfsburg to get De Bruyne Bundesliga and German Cup runner-up, De Bruyne in the Bundesliga last season, contributed 10 goals and 21 assists last season, elected Mr. Bundesliga football. Manchester City this summer to pay up to 74 million euros transfer fee to sign De Bruyne, followed by De Bruyne in the Premier League continued his outstanding play. According to the "transfer market" worth assessment, De Bruyne end of last year was worth 20 million euros, while net worth at the end of this year has reached 60 million euros.

Also selected De Bruyne also include Manchester City teammate Stirling, Basa Luo of Neymar and Suarez, Neymar and Suarez were injured in Macy days led Barcelona forward, both worth grew by 30 million euro, reaching 100 million euros and 90 million euros.

Transfer market" assessment year 2015 an increase of 11 people across Europe worth:

De Gea (Manchester United, worth 12 million euros increase) / Mustafi (Valencia, an increase of 17 million euros), Stones (Everton, up 18 million euros), Otamendi (Manchester, growth 20 million euros), Chur Ayman al (Paris Saint-Germain, an increase of 12.5 million euros) / Kerry Jovi jak (Sevilla, an increase of 19 million euros), Muller (Bayern, up 25 million euros), De Bruyne (Manchester, up 40 million euros) / Sterling (Manchester, up 30 million euros), Suarez (Barcelona, ​​an increase of 30 million euros), Neymar (Barcelona, ​​an increase of 30 million euros)

2015/12/29 10:47:36