After a fruitless season, Real Madrid in the summer introduction of Danilo, Heikki Zupančič, Casilla, Lucas - Vazquez and recalled Casemiro and Qielishefu ball team signings spent 76 million euros, 34 million euros more than last season, less last season, only three signings: Ha Meisi, Cross and Navas.For now, these signings seem unimportant, only Danilo and Casemiro playing time slightly more than half,

Real Madrid spent 31.5 million euros from Porto to buy Danilo, his playing time accounted for 58% of the total time for 1314 minutes, in which he missed seven games because of injury.

His compatriot Casemiro had the same effect in Porto, Real Madrid this season with 7.5 million euros will he recalls, he played the 1209 minutes, accounting for 53% of the time, there are six games on not one minute, there are some For example, the game and Granada, Peabody and Ewald he played only 10 minutes less.

Heikki Zupančič worth of 30 million euros, but he played only 794 minutes, only accounted for 35%, although every game in the squad, but the Croats have one minute five games are not played.

Real Madrid with one million euros to buy Vazquez from Espanyol, this produced the Real Madrid youth academy striker playing time is only 28%, and there are four times losing a big list, in addition there are six games on not one minute, there is a games played fullback.

Casey left, Real Madrid spent € 6,000,000 introduction of Casilla, due Navas injuries, played for Real Madrid Casilla 450 minutes in La Liga and the Champions League for Real Madrid played two games each, the King Cup games, playing time accounted for 20%.

The worst sign is Qielishefu Russian people are not in his best competitive state, has caused controversy in the King's Cup. He only played 117 minutes for Real Madrid, the Spanish King's two games in the Champions League three games Cup games, only to 5% of the playing time.

2015/12/29 10:54:57