After the 0-0 draw away to Manchester United, Hiddink expressed by three league games unbeaten, the players confidence is being restored.

In the technical and tactical aspects we do also, a good defensive organization, but we did not have enough force to kill Manchester United, everyone knows because of injuries, suspensions and other reasons, we lack free person in the forward position, So we must find a way to solve this problem. "

Azar had played this position, and he is a versatile player, so he has the ability to do the job. I'm glad the game in the second half we created many opportunities, leading Manchester United is difficult to create opportunities.The best opportunities to score two sides have been resolved goalkeeper, and Courtois Degea. So, although there is no victory, but we have to take into account the situation of Chelsea once and now.The Blues have been unbeaten in the last three league games, is located in the first 14 Premier League.The players experienced a very difficult six months time, they must restore the former state, which we talked about in the locker contents. Everyone is convinced that we can not go on so, so in the last three games in our state With the upgrade. "

In the game, players see a bright spot features and is quite normal, but in the past three games, we see the players who want to win. This is what we most want to see, with this point, we can make full use of these top players properly. If the players continue to lack confidence, I would be a headache, but I did not feel that way in this team."

Hiddink spoke last Fabregas, Oscar and Adjara injuries.

Fabregas because of fever missed the game, the day after tomorrow we will see him play. Oscar and Adjara have recovered well, though Azar was injured before the game."

2015/12/29 11:01:14