Manchester United and Chelsea to a goalless draw at home, this is the Red Devils eight consecutive victorious. Faced with the outside world for their future speculation, Dutch coach Louis van Gaal said he did not intend to leave the club.

First, with regard to the game as well as a result, he gives his own comment: I think this is a very good performance, but you have to score a goal, we could not do what we hit the post twice. and then there in the second half of the once great opportunity as well as the case twice to get a penalty, one handball, another foul on Mata, but we did not get a penalty. We are trying to get the best of luck , but still could not have luck we needed. That game against Stoke, I said that in the first half we did not dare to play, but with a big difference today, we dare to play, but also the pressure on the a lot. We are one of the dominant. Against a team like Chelsea have these forward this team, we like performance is not bad.

In an interview with BT Sport, regarding his future, he replied: With so much pressure on the players can give such a performance, the reason I did not resign, perhaps the media wanted me to resign, but I do not. I have a contract, it's not a problem to leave, but the fulfillment of a problem with my contract.

Van Gaal also insisted again that he can win back the favor of the fans, the players if his command improved performance.

He said: my first year as coach, even more difficult, they cried weekly call against me, then I am in my first year won the UEFA Cup, then their cries stopped.

I believe the fans are enthusiastic, of course, a lot of fans will be disappointed because we need a win, I know it, the players know this, each coaching staff knows this. People are still applauding, I saw This is, not everyone, but most of the fans in. The most important is that the fans can be satisfied with the performance of the players today.

2015/12/29 11:02:41