Start of the game just two minutes, the Red Devils will create a highly offensive threat. Rooney received the inbounds the ball to his teammates in the penalty area, the ball restricted the right of Mata kick shot, the ball hit the crossbar pop, Chelsea escaped. The first five minutes, the Blues Rick fired back, on the right corner out of Chelsea, John Terry header, Degea flying Dan Zhang ball resolve. The first 10 minutes, Herrera sent pass, Rooney had the ball back to do inside the penalty area, Shinaidelin meet long-range kick the ball rub column out. The first 16 minutes, Marshall left the restricted area after defender Akira face Ivan opening angle suddenly kicker, the ball hit the goal post after the pop-up along the goal line. The first 29 minutes, Rooney was outside the area Courtois sudden Shi Leng Jian Fei resolved. The first 43 minutes, Schweinsteiger foot volley from outside the area to put the anti-aircraft guns. The first half ended, the two sides battle 0-0.

Easy side battles, the first 48 minutes, Azar sent forward pass, Pedro hit the door was saved Degea, Azpilicueta blank range once again been Degea denied the bottom line. The first 56 minutes, Marshall crosses Herrera nearby Chan She was saved by Courtois magic. The first 62 minutes, Manchester United a corner, the ball siege after Mikel Chelsea counter attack, Pedro pass found the unguarded Matic Matic single-handedly face looks a little panic attack Degea , ridiculously high kick hit the door. After 1 minute, Marshall sent the ball near the penalty spot, Rooney had the ball back pass, Mata and Azpilicueta foot tower fell to the ground after the referee did not express. Since then both sides made substitutions to adjust continuously strive to 3 points, a draw for the troubled field teams who are not too good results. The first 86 minutes, Marshall restricted heel pass, Jackson biography, Rooney after the point of outflanking Dianshe hit high. After the two sides failed to score, eventually afford to lose this game both sides ended in a draw 0-0.

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