The first five minutes, Kim's long-range outside the area was confiscated by Cech. The first 24 minutes, Ozil sent overheads to the restricted area, Walcott's volley did not play is part of. The first 27 minutes, Ozil takes the corner after Gabriel header hoisting, Artur Boruc can only watch the ball disappointed, 1-0! The first 34 minutes, Ozil again sent overheads, Walcott had the ball in the small-angle shot by Artur Boruc denied the bottom line. Ozil takes the corner to the front, Gabriel's header was blocked a bit after Artur Boruc column pop-up, standing in front of the post Mertesacker reaction is less than the ball hit the face, also playing the ball the bottom line. The first 36 minutes, Ozil sent Zhise, Wo Erke hit the door was again Artur Boruc resolved. The first half ended, Arsenal 1-0 lead.

Easy side battles the first 48 minutes, Bournemouth Houchangchangzhuan, gold single-handedly into the box, but did not hit the door, Gabriel fell to the ground the ball with ease. The first 62 minutes, Arsenal played up front with exquisite, Ozil pass the ball defender in the face more than Giroux, Giroux heels gently pick torn by the defense before the ball back to the body Ozil, Ecuador Benazir Qiuhou Tuishe 2-0! The first 73 minutes, Ricky takes the shot but Cech confiscated. The first 79 minutes, Ozil pass the ball low and flat, Giroux Qiangdian Chan She missed. The first 83 minutes, Walcott before the ball to the left, Chamberlain shot hit the ball the other players who refraction column pop-up. Moyes, Ozil pass, Walcott small angle from the center is Artur Boruc resolved. Eventually, Arsenal beat 2-0 Bournemouth.

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2015/12/29 11:19:06