November 18 hearing knight away 99-104 loss to the Pistons, the Cavaliers lost two straight for the first time this season, the Pistons end four-game losing streak. Knight in the fourth quarter last 3 minutes only 2 points, wasting 10-point lead was reversed. James scored 30 points, NBA career scoring total to 25,213 points, surpassing the Lakers legend Jerry - West, NBA history in scoring ranking improved to 19th place. Pistons scored 20 + 3, Drummond 25 points and 18 rebounds this season, 11 consecutive double-doubles, Reggie Jackson - 23 points and 12 assists, Ilyasova 20 points.

Reggie Jackson - hand in hand with Ilyasova opened fire after the first section of the piston started to seize the lead position. JR- Smith took 7 into Knight stabilize the situation, the Pistons offensive unabated, Reggie Jackson - and Ilyasova has dropped into the third, led the team to build 8-point lead. James strengthen the personal attack single 10 points, before the end of the first 3 minutes 06 seconds 德拉维多瓦 received the ball hit the third, NBA career scoring total to 25,193 points, surpassing the Lakers legend Jerry - West ( The total score of 25192 points), NBA history in scoring ranking to No. 19, the Cavaliers cruised during the first quarter to chase the score 27-31. Reggie Jackson - get 11 points in the first quarter, Ilyasova contributed 10 points.

James opened the score mode II began after sudden strong inside labeled as 2 + 1, with two goals from beyond the arc, led the Cavaliers Pistons blasted 14-4 lead six minutes. Pistons hastily put Drummond, Drummond debut after continuous attacking the basket to get points led his unit to catch up. Carrefour twisted a bit knee fortunately did not cause illness can continue to play the game, Carrefour and Petit twice played wonderful Glenealy five points, the Cavaliers will be widened to seven points. Drummond tipped succeeded, helping the Pistons to a 6-0 ending of the second quarter, the Pistons 55-56 behind Knight 1 minute to complete the first game of the competition. James H under 23 points in the first half, zero assists.

Knights in third quarter began more flowering blasted 14-2, extended the lead to 13 points. Pistons 7-0 offensive set off a wave of narrow points difference, James sent assists individuals in this field for the first time, the ball dropped into the third Little Mo, Knight followed successful defense, Little Mo mozgov pass dunk, the Cavaliers will be poor again pull Great to double digits. Knight lineup adjustments using a senior small, but failed speed, piston seize the opportunity to counterattack, cruised in the third quarter catch the score 75-81.

Fourth battle, Carrefour with two goals, leading the Cavaliers Pistons 10 points. Expand piston counterattack 11-2 will be sent out to 1 minute, James assists Mozgov layup to get points, Carrefour hit a jumper, the Knights lead of 5 points. Drummond oop dunk labeled as 2 + 1, James Mozgov roar, apparently dissatisfied defensive center for the Cavaliers. Reggie Jackson - hit a jumper, Mo-third do not enter, Drummond made two free throws, the Pistons ahead 1 point. Love and James has shot missed, the game time remaining 21 seconds. Knight to foul tactics, Reggie Jackson - two free throws, 3 points ahead of the piston. James scored a layup, Reggie Jackson - two free throws to fight back. JR- Smith, not in the third, Reggie Jackson - again throws into, Little Mo long-range wide, the Knights got the ball right, Drummond off a pass from James, the game time runs out, the Pistons win, Knight in the fourth quarter last 3 minutes only 2 points.

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