Cavaliers LeBron - James talked about the team's recent play state that they need to find the rhythm of play.After Christmas Day 83-89 loss to the Warriors, knights Youyi 76-105 loss to the Blazers big score.In these two games, the Cavaliers shot 31.6 percent and were 36.4 percent, James is two shot 14 of 39 total.Now, we are on the offensive end some not in the state," James said. "We just need to find our rhythm."

In fact, after a loss to the Warriors, James had already talked about the word "rhythm."Rediscover the rhythm will take some time, not just the players, but we all need to get back in the rhythm," James said.Before the season, eight weeks, we have established a chemical reaction, and we know who is playing, who is not playing," James said. "We have a rotation, coach of the rotation were re-arranged, so we need to go back there. We do not have rhythm. Some players they do not know whether it will play ball, which affected our rhythm."

And Blatter how to handle the team's rotation it? James also gave his thoughts.The only way to help is to train and play the game," James said, "This is probably the first three games of full health after, right? So far, the situation does not look very good.

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2015/12/29 15:19:49