"Star Tribune" reporter Jerry Zgoda author reported that the Timberwolves player Kevin - Martin before being Timberwolves trade may no longer get playing time.In the past two games, Martin has not been playing time. Earlier also there is news that the Timberwolves are selling Kevin - Martin.Martin said: "Out of respect for my teammates and the team, we now will not press the matter both players and teams know what each other wants is to talk about this matter will be time. , but not now. "

Mitchell said he and the team must look to the future.You need to be realistic," said Mitchell. "I'm not saying Kevin - Martin and some of our veterans can not continue to play, but you can not do everything at the same time we are still trying to win, but we are trying to give our young players the chance to win if. do not do so, we will be next year at the current situation, to figure out who can play what position they play. We need them to get better, and the only way to change for the better is to play ball. "

Asked if the Timberwolves continue to let him play, whether it be a problem, Martin said: "My attitude is that since I was 6 years old the first time my mom spanked, my view is no longer a problem. "So far this season, Martin averaged 25 minutes played, can contribute 2.2 rebounds 1.3 assists and 12.1 points.

2015/12/29 15:22:11