Mavericks Chandler - Parsons said in an interview that he felt the body getting better day by day. After receiving knee surgery, Parsons is undergoing a long recovery period. However, in the past four games, he is gradually played outstanding performance - averaging 13.3 points 5.3 rebounds and five assists.

Of course, (distance to fully recover) I'm getting closer," Parsons said. "I still feel a bit slow but after every training or competition, the next day I would feel better coach Rick - Carlisle said that he did not feel Parsons has been completely restored state.

No, I did not," he said. "I just feel the need to spend some time to find the rhythm. I think in the physical condition, he has been restored, but his shot did not come back feeling. I think that after two weeks, you'll see a much better than it is now him. He now has looks very good. 

In the past few games, Parsons has been playing the team's sixth man role. Although he did well in this position, but Carlisle said that this is not a 'will last forever "thing. Carlisle said that at a certain time, Parsons will return to starting, but he does not currently intend to break the existing state.

Parsons said he is still somewhat limited playing time, but in the last two games he has played 35 minutes per game, which is the playing time he has been almost completely healthy state of. I think I will not play 40, 45 minutes, "Parsons said." I think I'm in a race to find the feeling. 

2015/12/29 15:29:44