According to "Chicago Sun-Times" reports, the Bulls this year's rookie Bobby - Portis recently due to Joe King - Noah's shoulder into the rotation lineup.In last Sunday's game loss to Dallas, Portis played 10 minutes, 3 vote 1, got 2 points and 4 rebounds, and received a three fouls.

I feel I played well until the last game (against the Mavericks)," Portis said. "I have a little (excited), but not very exciting, but the referee had little upset my mind, I We must not suffer in the next few races interference in their job and find the rhythm, to re-do my own. "

When Portis was asked whether judges gave him the kind of rookie treatment, he replied: "I do not know, I just feel every time I play, they are always more for me, but not others, to Like the last game, I was walking in the field, and then was blown a foul. While Portis speaks trash talking, but he would not say trash talking to the referees, he said: "No, I do not say ...... I will not say anything referees, judges effort whistled a game, you really can not say anything to them, it is not like I am a veteran or something. "

In entering into the Bulls' rotation after Portis played very dynamic, Bulls coach Fred - Hoy Borg also praised Portis performance.I think he played very well in the game against the Thunder, he played great at playing time, very energetic, he played some key performance." Hoey said Borg.Hoey Borg went on to say: "It's all rookies, especially those getting their first chance rookie, will certainly make mistakes, but for Portis, he will continue to get playing time, which he deserved.

2015/12/29 15:37:25