Celtics vs. Lakers game the day after tomorrow. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant - Bryant announced late last month to retire after this season, the next game with the Celtics or the guest will be his last TD Garden. He (Bryant) is probably the best player in my era, which shows what the NBA would lose, "Jay - Claude said," I'm sure TD Garden will give him a warm welcome, and I think his performance will be Very well, he would try to play my best level of play, and he will remember his career here happened a lot of hard fighting, so we will be ready for him, ready for the Lakers. "

Marcus - Smart in the last game with the Knicks back from injury, he may serve as a defensive role Kobe Bryant in the game. Bryant played in the NBA debut, Smart is only 3 years old. See Kobe Bryant and his achievements accomplished little crazy, "Smart said." He hit every night giving opponents a day, on Wednesday evening will be fun. "

The reporter asked Evan - whether Turner grew up watching Kobe Bryant playing time, Turner joked. This is the most stupid of you asked the question, "Turner said." I was joking. Of course, I remember eight years old when I was watching (Bryant 1997) dunk contest. I spent a lot of time in life to see him play, Bryant has been the highlight of my adolescence, and, in general, he also highlights the sport. "

Celtics coach Brad - Stevens only larger than Kobe less than 2 years old, even though he coached the team and Kobe played against only once, but he was very much appreciated Kobe. Obviously, I am a basketball fan, so I respect Kobe, "Stevens said," I have heard players talk about his conversation, they will admire Bryant as objects, they studied Bryant, trying to from Bryant learn as much as possible. Bryant has a great career, take the way they want to go, I take my hat off to him. Over the next few months, he will get a lot of applause, but also should be. "

Celtic have recently made four straight record of 18 wins and 13 losses, behind in sixth position east.

2015/12/29 15:41:42