After the start of the game both sides are a bit conservative first half, 15 minutes, Leicester City before the games positioning the ball, kick the ball Fuchs sent to the penalty area, Huth header above. After 3 minutes, Manchester City midfielder steals, Sarnia long pass found Stirling, Stirling select the ball back to do, De Bruyne kissing arrived, his shot was small Schmeichel flying resolved. The first 25 minutes, Kolarov backcourt turnovers, Mach Juarez after cutting inside to get the ball hit the door, the ball over the bar. The first 27 minutes, Sarnia right pass, Stirling chest after stopping the kicker, the ball did not cross the still small Schmeichel's fingers off. The first 32 minutes, Kolarov stick to sweep in front of the Earth, Stirling foot shot the ball came neutral, small Schmeichel single palm over the bar. The first 40 minutes, Fuchs left from the ball, Orr Brighton Qiangdian Chan missed. Subsequently, after Fernandinho field pass was broken almost gifts, within the restricted area Valdivia after receiving a pass from teammate hit it a little higher. The first half ended, the two sides battle 0-0.

Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, Manchester City corner was rescue out of restricted areas, outside the area of ​​David - Silva oblique plug the ball to the right to De Bruyne, De Bruyne low ball to the previous point, Aguero follow-up twist shot hit high. The first 54 minutes, before Kant Field Road after the sudden Shi Leng Jian ball just wide. After 1 minute, Sterling reached the restricted area after the right cross knock, stopping Aguero hit the Simpson's arm, Aguero unsuccessful appeal to the referee. The first 63 minutes, Aguero turned to the right after the ball reached the restricted area within the cut, fell to the ground in physical contact with Inler, the referee did not give a penalty but the corner. Then Manchester City corner out to the area, Otamendi header was small Schmeichel blocked the bottom line. The first 71 minutes, Valdivia after the ball reached the restricted area buckle Otamendi kicker, the ball was confiscated Hart. The first 77 minutes, Leicester City before the games positioning the ball, the ball Juarez Mach wave, Fuchs foot blasts, Hart ball flying resolved. Since then both sides have failed to produce a very good chance the final 0-0 score held until the whistle.

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