After the 0-0 draw with Chelsea, Manchester United, the Red Devils midfielder Shinaidelin said the team's performance has been some progress, but unfortunately not be able to win.

Unfortunately the French team were not able to end 2015 with a victory in the race, he said:. "Before the game we said that we need to be more aggressive, need to be more proactive we need to do for the fans, because they should see a more beautiful football. Sometimes we can not do due to various reasons, but today we must be more proactive. We created some chances, I think it was a good race for us, this is a good game, because in the face Chelsea is very difficult, but unfortunately did not win. "

Manchester United missed a number of games scoring opportunities, Shinaidelin said: "We could then do what we need to do today scored 1 goal, then you can control the game we know if we can play well the first half of the season?. and come up with solid defense before, and into the goal, anything can happen. "

'Season is not over, there are five months to play. We have to be confident, because we are Manchester United, we are the world's best teams.

2015/12/30 9:56:38