In the European Cup qualifier play-offs just ended, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored twice to help Sweden eliminated Denmark, France, the cut next year's European Cup race, after the game, he accepted the "Daily Mail" interview.

Ibrahimovic in Sweden in 2014 Brazil World Cup qualifiers not from Breakthrough once said:. "Without my World Cup is not worth a look" Today, the reporter asked to Ibrahimovic, he considers himself him how important the European Cup? He said: "I will bring magic to everyone but for me, this game is particularly important I've been looking forward to this event which is likely to be my last big tournament of the national team I was.... excited because two rounds before the start, a lot of people are saying we beat Denmark, now you see? I am very satisfied. I do not like public statements, I only speak with football. "

  Ibrahimovic has been 34 years old, he and Paris Saint-Germain's contract will expire in the summer of next year, given that he had removed Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France's top league, a lot of people wonder if he would go to the Premiership again to challenge ? himself he replied: "I think for me, it was too late to go to the Premiership, I just want to put my current six-month contract to finish and go step by step and now every day I was on the pitch. very happy, I do not know when it will end my career. "

  Before, people thought that if Sweden was unable to break through from the qualifying, then Ibrahimovic would retire from the national team, but after the success of the promotion, Ibrahimovic excited against Swedish television said: "They (Denmark) said let I retired, and now I put them back home the whole country!

2015/11/18 3:10:59