Manchester City defender Sagna Mangala express his teammates to respond as the supreme defender of pressure on Premier League history worth, he can become an important member of the club.

Mangala in 2014 to 42 million pounds move to Manchester City prices from Porto, Sarnia for his French compatriot expressed support. He said: "Mangala will one day become a great defender and now we need him to be patient.."

In the Sunderland game he played well, he proved himself on the defense could be the decisive one. I think this is just the factor of confidence. He is still very young, only 24 years old, he still has a lot room for improvement. Indeed the face of criticism will be very difficult, but he is still very young club paid for his high transfer fee, which is not easy to deal with, because he will always be close to such a label, he is the most your guard, but he really worked hard. 

Sarnia also said they themselves would have helped Mangala, he believes the latter finally able to adapt to life in England. "After training I will be with him to help him look for position sense, he made a lot of effort.He wants to be able to better. He did not ask me to do, but I want to help him. In any case we will strive to communicate, even after the game, we will go to analyze the reasons for goals conceded, and he and I how to improve, We want to improve. Most people forget that he came to the Premier League last season. The league is very difficult, especially when you move here from other leagues, you need to adapt. I think he did a good job. "

I want to remind you that it is not easy to play in the Premier League. When I joined Arsenal, which for me is completely different. I'm the same age with him came to the Premier League, my situation is relatively smooth. Now he needs to adapt , and this season he made a good start.

2015/12/30 10:02:21