If Manchester United can not get rid of as soon as today's downward trend, coach Louis van Gaal is likely to face dismissal outcome. But the Dutch coach Blinder today expressed the hope that Van Gaal able to return to the national team. Daley, who is also a Manchester United player - Blinder's father, Dutch coach Louis van Gaal expressed back can become technical director of the team.

In 14 World Cup, Van Gaal led the Netherlands into the final three, but then received an invitation from Manchester United, White Old Trafford. Today in the face of the team has eight games without victory, Van Gaal who can imagine the pressure.

Blinder said:. "If you can have Van Gaal's help, we can gain something more, he is a top coach, he also has many other choices for their own future I do not know what direction, I recently received a message on the Dutch Football Association technical director of the national team. I have not yet communicate privately with him. But the key question is, what is the pillar of technical director? I worked as technical director, that period of time in business players, but that is not the Dutch Football Association as a club. "

In the national team there is often a flow of young players, you have to provide a people are interested in work, and to win the respect of others, and this is very difficult.

2015/12/30 10:04:56