Bournemouth 2-0 victory over Arsenal in the game, Ozil once again come up dazzling play, but his teammates Giroux also said the midfielder showed his true level.

Ozil outstanding performance also reminded the club's legendary Wenger Bergkamp, ​​while Giroux told "Equipe" interview, said: "He began to receive a lot of criticism because he is not efficient. And now he proved himself to be a what level of player. "

His statistics are impressive. There are such players in the team, you'll know every game will get at least one scoring chance. It's nice to be able to work with him."

Giroux is clearly one of the most help by Ozil players, this season he has scored 10 goals in the league. Giroux also very happy in this game can be the first one assists own harvest season, he helped Ozil to score. "It's my own goals, like make me happy, especially to help Ozil to score this season, he has created many opportunities for me, and this time we exchanged roles.

2015/12/30 10:10:50