According to the "World Sports Daily" reported that Everton players Deulofeu interviewed by the press to talk about some of his views to Barcelona.

The Rama West youth academy players born in an interview, said: "Barcelona is the best team in the world, but there is too difficult (to be successful), the young players a chance to play hard to get in there before me. no one can get a chance in the Barcelona team played, and even the local fans did not know me. and here is not the same, the fans liked me a great feeling and very important. "

He also added: "Everton for me is the best choice, trust me neither team can guarantee my playing time, which for me is very important."

But in Barcelona about the possibility to repurchase his question, Deulofeu replied:. "The most important now is to represent Everton play well every game As we return to Barcelona this issue, it would have to depend on Barcelona the club.

2015/12/30 10:12:57