According to the "Post" reported, Swansea striker Gomis team ready to sell next month, instead rent Chelsea star Bamford.

Reported that the Qatar team Lech Latvia on Gomis very interested, he's worth about 6.5 million pounds, the Middle East, the team planned to sign the £ 60,000 weekly French striker. Swansea ready to accept the offer, after the stunning performance start to the season, the 30-year-old striker then state fell significantly. His position at the beginning of the year to leave Swansea make the club level was very unhappy.

Gomis was prepared to switch to the Emirates this summer team Al Ahly, but the deal eventually failed to reach. If you sell the striker, Swansea will turn their attention to Chelsea striker nova Bamford. This teenager is currently on loan at Crystal Palace, but due to lack of playing time, he publicly announced Monday that he will end the lease contract in advance.

2015/12/30 10:21:16