Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce believes the Premier League should introduce similar NFL the "Rooney Rule."

Of course, this is not Rooney Manchester United captain, but NFL Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan - Rooney, it was proposed that the rules he was formally incorporated into the Constitution NFL. Rooney rule that is every NFL team must interview at least one black or ethnic minority members in the recruitment manager and senior management.

Allardyce believes the opportunity to appear in the Premier British coach and the British crown arena is becoming less and less, the FA should be introduced to ensure that the relevant provisions of British coach coaching opportunity.He said: "In my opinion, at all levels now boycott British coach in the league, especially in the top league and the championship were."

In this regard we must take some measures. England, the FA Premier League action should be made to protect our own good coach, many of them now even get an interview."

I think we can do is to ensure that each has a British coach to get a job interview, similar to the Rooney Rule.It would be a great idea, because our country has a lot of good coaches, they have a wealth of experience, but now many of them are not duly opportunities, especially this is in their own country.

2015/12/30 10:24:06