Manchester City goalkeeper Hart failed to win representation in the game so that he was somewhat disappointed, but the team will re-inspire them.

Hart said: "It was a win that we failed to win the match, Schmeichel's performance is very good, he made a lot of brilliant saves but in the case has so many opportunities, we should win. . "

The current standings ranking is not that some of us strength, but not this season, combined with our outstanding performance, it is also fairly objective. We started doing very well, but in the past 12 games we played too bad. Team now Rank also, on top of our two teams worthy of such a ranking. "

Hart also believed to give the team the best way to pressure the forefront is to open a wave-game winning streak, even though it's not often in the Premier League.

Hart said: "There is no doubt that we need to redouble our efforts, we want to win we need to win all their home games, but also to come up with strong performance on the road we need to win, so that our fans enjoy the joy...

2015/12/30 10:35:21