Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini said the team that beat the road this Leicester, but he for the team's performance today is not too disappointed.

Manchester City game and created a lot of opportunities, mostly from Stirling and De Bruyne, but the former Manchester City goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel small outstanding performance, helping the home team to get a draw.

After the game Manchester City are still three points behind leaders Arsenal, but considering they had straight away to Stoke City and Arsenal, Pellegrin said the team has shown progress.

Although today no Kompany, but our defense is still good. We Bilaisite more worthy to win, we have had more rate, more shooting, and more rescue, but away Teams game is always very difficult. "

I always say if you can not win, then at least have to promise not to lose. I think we did enough today to try, we are not the goal here with a draw, the whole game we are trying to take Under three points. "

This is Manchester City 0-0 since November 8 stuffy flat Villa 0-0 after the first game to keep a clean sheet, which Pellegrin said: "This is a positive signal, because today we played offensive and defensive ends are adequate excellent. We did not let the opponents of Mach Morales and Valdivia create much of a chance. "

The game in a debate is due to Rene Aguero restricted area tripped, the referee did not make a penalty, but Pellegrini and refused to talk about this.

He said: "site of the incident from my position very far, so I can not say anything about this matter entirely determined by the referee, but he also made his own penalty..

2015/12/30 11:03:04