Milan this summer was moving read back to eat grass, according to media reports, Galliani tried to introduce Zlatan Ibrahimović, to no avail before Balotelli is selected. There is no such thing? Zlatan party has admitted that it's true. Accept the "Gazzetta dello Sport" interview, just the 10th coronation Swedish Footballer of God tower, Milan confirmed their pursuit, also expressed Rossoneri Serie A and even nostalgia.

Milan striker reorganization this summer, Galliani attempted to introduce Ibrahimovic, Zlatan readily admits the existence of negotiations: "Yes, indeed Milan out of the offer, if I nod, now has returned to Milan but it was not a. the results I want. I'm grateful to Milan, that I played for the greatest club, and if I say it, I had never left. "

Zlatan although leaving Serie A for many years, but for Italy, especially in Milan, still has deep feelings: "I left a fantastic memory of Milan, the San Siro stadium, the city of Milan, where the fans and even Italian, have to stay in my heart leaving Milan Whose Fault? I do not want to say, all over the chapter, and now my football career and in life, there are other targets. return to Serie A? Italy is my second home, I After wearing Juve's black and white striped shirt really famous, in the Bianconeri's experience changed my life: I started the whole world's attention to Juventus, Milan and Inter Milan, where you win the most fun I only knew that he in this? three of the greatest teams in Serie A, have got tricolor title.

The topic turned to Paris: "When I am very happy in Paris, from the outset feel that they are part of the plan is now to join new people in Paris did not encounter too much difficulty, everything is easy, and I just joined, Paris and many link calcium improved many dysfunctional parts. Of course, I always have great respect for this club, at everyone's efforts, now Paris has been playing a European team in the top. "

Ibrahimovic always words do not startle, this is no exception: "I do not care that he is not the so-called leaders, do not care how the media say or how to write, because I was in Paris Zlatan boss whether I am happy of course.? At least now I must say he is very happy. As for when to retire, and now I do not consider it, but the time I lost motivation to pursue goals will naturally stop.

2015/11/18 3:14:39