Although Manchester City failed to win in Leicester, but the audience is still brisk performance Stirling became the best player on the spot game, Manchester City deserve better results, he said.

Stirling said: "I think most of the time we are performing better one, of course, there are times Leicester highlights, but we controlled the game, there are a lot of break opportunities."

Leicester is very strong, they have to go outside the area to catch us, which is the other competitors have been doing for us. I hope we can get back the feeling of winning the next game, the field only regret is that one goal.The team today also show the positive side, we finally kept a clean sheet again, we as a team on the defensive. The away team's recent poor performance, but a guest League second challenge we have finally come up with a good enough performance, we hope this track. "

We just need to focus on their efforts to win more games, I hope at the end of the season winning streak has been more than enough."

2015/12/30 11:08:34