According to British media, "Daily Mail" reported that Tottenham want to start again after the winter window open Buy West Brom striker Bella Heanor deals. Also Tottenham winger Townsend wants to join the deal.

Tottenham have four times this summer Buying Alhambra Sinoe, and the last quotation reach 23 million pounds, while Tottenham winger Townsend, worth about 14 million pounds. West Brom this summer rejected the offer Tottenham, but the arrival of Townsend capable of providing the required speed for the West Brom boss Pulis wing.

After the summer, Tottenham failed, Bella Sinoe unhappy with West Brom level occur, then he struggled to start the season. In the current round of the Newcastle game, Bella Sinoe sit on the bench. West Brom boss Pulis expressed Bella Sinoe able to "sit on the bench are very lucky." "Bella Sinoe five months before are not ready for the team competition."

Bella Heanor in the Premier League last season scored 14 goals, but then failed this summer to join Tottenham, Bella Sinoe ran into serious trouble. Since the beginning of this year on October 17, Bella Heanor have failed to score this season, became the team Bella Sinoe bench, scoring only three goals.

West Brom assistant boss Pulis Camp represents Bella Sinoe wasted half a season. "(Failure transfer) transferred his attention. He wasted a career of half of the season, the time has gone. Football is a team sport, not individual sports. You have to respect your teammates and fans. opportunity has been lost, he would have been able to reach another level, because last year he was also named to the England national team, he must realize their potential. "

"If he did, like last season's performance, then he can easily pick any club in Europe.

2015/12/30 11:16:10