2015 will soon be over, the Real Madrid captain Ramos, this bad year is finally over. Since early 2015, Ramos seems not to be favored by the goddess of fate, was the beginning of the King's Cup Real Madrid Atletico eliminated, Ramos is the greatest of those responsible. Then, Ramos will be in the game against Sevilla was injured in his absence month, was again Atletico Madrid a 4-0 humiliation. While at Real Madrid in the Champions League by Juventus out of the competition, Ramos was injured again, immediately announced the season. However injuries this season, Ramos is still not improved, his soleus old wounds and new shoulder injury has become a major problem plagued Real Madrid captain, round against Real Sociedad, Ramos once again sidelined, which will also be his playing time this year, the final freeze-frame - he only took part in the Madrid 59.26 percent of the game, while in 2014, the data of up to 84%.

Perhaps contract with Real Madrid this year will be the only good memories Ramos, Ramos hopes for the coming year are no longer plagued with injuries, can participate in the competition as much as possible.

2015/12/30 11:19:28