Former Real Madrid captain Raul said in an interview praised the Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez, he thinks Benitez is a great coach.

Raul said: "Real Madrid is a very great club, the bad results of the competition will generate controversy, Real Madrid have a great coach, Benitez won a lot of titles, his work should prove this point of the season. Evaluation of late do. In addition, Raul expressed as the Real Madrid fans, he hopes "Real Madrid can all goes well" and "Benitez can leave." "The President will make a decision, I believe that the team, if the decision to do so, Zidane is a great coach, although he coached the time is not long, but he has the ability to coach."

Speaking of Barcelona, ​​Raul admitted after winning the Club World Cup Barcelona has become the world's best club, last year they won a total of five championship trophy. "Barcelona, ​​the world's best? They won the Club World Cup, which is of course in recent years, they continue to win the championship, which proves that they do very well. For the purposes of the league, winning the Club World Cup is very important."

Meanwhile, Raul is considered one of the rival Atletico Champions League contention, he said:?. "Atletico Madrid win the Champions League is of course possible that they have very close to winning the Champions League, won the league, and has done very well, they are Champions League contenders to win the next one.

2015/12/30 11:31:39