Liverpool coach Klopp said the midfielder Henderson team are still injured, but he can play Sunderland.

The midfielder suffered a foot injury early in the season, plagued in September and subsequently suffered a foot fracture. Although now back, but he still felt sore wound.

This Klopp said: "We have been in communication, and Henderson has been talking about, everything depends on his own together we will make a decision, I know him feel pain where seven - but no problem. We must work together and doctors and therapists, we try to arrange Henderson rest, but he also needs to match the rhythm. "

Everything is fine, we say, 'Yes, no problem', I think we should give playing time Henderson specifically how much time remains uncertain, we are very happy to have him in the team, but in order to do some races Some adjustments, and there is no problem. We have to do this, but now I believe he needs the tempo. "

For Liverpool played hard enough to say, Klopp has denied. He said: "We talked about this issue, to compete for the second placement was a physical battle, we must do it is not beyond our ability to do this is to understand the problem, we hope to play his football, if. a second off a penalty, you must strive to scraping. "

In this regard, we have not done enough. But it is not because our body is not strong enough, but must change the way of scrimmage, and that is what we have done at the time with Leicester City team competition."I know everyone says Liverpool stiffeners weak hoe, you know Leicester City is a strong team, before losing to us, they top the league in the game with them when we are doing very well, and that is what we We must face Sunderland, Stoke City or any other opponent the next time the need to come up with the performance. 

2015/12/30 11:35:04