Di Canio believes that Manchester United lost the "spirit of England," Rooney is also fading.

47-year-old Italian told the "Gazzetta dello Sport": "Van Gaal Manchester United has never been so pleasing to the eye, they slow down and keep the ball - football before they rely on technology flows pig found some balance the past 18. spend heavily month, they are now faced with tremendous pressure. "

Manchester United lost their spirit England, Wayne Rooney, he also seemed to go downhill. He lost the sense to let his powerful vitality. Pellegrini is very soft, but they have strong enough players to win the championship . "

In addition, Di Canio also criticized Arsenal's performance. He said: "I do not know how they are ready to play, but this time (referring to the 0-4 defeat to Southampton) They surprised me .2-1 victory over Manchester City, I think they have found the stability and spirit strength, even if Sanchez, Cazorla, Kekui Lin, Wilshere and Danny Welbeck, who injured. Then, on Southampton them collapse. Wenger? He was a great teacher, but he did not . with the correct way to motivate players, he is like Pellegrini - on the sidelines, you never hear his voice. "

Look Guardiola, Enrique and Jose Mourinho, they will not stop a moment. Arsenal's defeat to Southampton was a disaster. Finally, Di Canio praised Leicester City, affirmed fellow Italian Claudio Ranieri's performance.

2015/12/30 11:39:56