Arsenal's 2-0 win over Bournemouth, Cech beyond David James, set a new Premiership record of not conceding a goal. Many opponents and teammates have told him a blessing.

David - James: "Congratulations to you, Peter, I must say that in all my goalkeeper opponents once, you are stubborn you deserve this record, and I am sure that it will continue for a long, long time... I can not think of a better than you reach this achievement goalkeeper, Well done! "

Neuer: "Peter, congratulations to reach a record I guarantee you will not break it - I'm older, some big, and will not play in the Premier League for so many years just to record your hat off, and want to give you one.! Small idea: expand record, kicked you kick it stops I know you're not young, but I hope you can continue to play well at Arsenal for many years. "!

Van der Sar: "Peter, how good a player you are, it is entirely what you deserve you're the best guy, a great goalkeeper, Chelsea won a number of honors have been some epic between us. The showdown - had to start a rainy night in Moscow in 2008 at Arsenal bless you get success, you get so much in west London trophies, I hope you can get in North London care of yourself a championship, I wish. you all the best. "

Lampard: "Very Congratulations Cech unlimited praise Peter I break the record, he is a good player, too incredible career, but also a very good friend in addition, I think that maybe in the past 15 years, he has!. is one of the very few top goalkeeper. and he made his teammates very happy, very I congratulate you made such a great achievement. "

Degea: "Congratulations to break the record, you are one of the best goalkeeper in Premier League history."

Drogba:. "Congratulations to my friend Peter - Cech This is a great achievement, with you, Arsenal fans will be very happy."

Henry: "I had so many times you battle, you will go down as one of the best goalkeeper in the world, not just the famous English Premier League past and now you are so good, you impact on defense and team. power beyond imagination, very satisfactory. Of course, when your opponent is not so happy I'm glad to see you joining Arsenal, hope you can bring back the championship of North London. 

2015/12/30 11:42:27