The first 19 Premier League Manchester United 0-0 draw at home to Chelsea, Sky Sports after the match commentator, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and Manchester United's performance made comments that eight consecutive victorious Red Devils need to make a change as soon as possible.

Henry said:. "Is a victorious, now eight, and Manchester United at Old Trafford and ushered in a 0-0 I thought I would never say so, Monday's game appears to Manchester changed, it seems the idea came occasionally, this may be a new beginning. "

But to what extent their performance is due to the decline in Chelsea? Chelsea, Manchester United had, how much oppression there is no implementation, no Chelsea striker Azar kick pseudo the 9th position. Van Gaal said the board still support him, I think that if they Start winning situation will be much better, and now Van Gaal had to cope with this difficult situation, the board of Manchester United will soon find the situation they face Chelsea and shortly before the same. "

Support of the fans is very important, especially in home games, the team needed such support. But to see them play Stoke away, nothing like Manchester United, like I know that Manchester United no passion, no desire several times they lost physical confrontation, played completely outside the state. "

I watched Manchester United and Chelsea, the Red Devils demonstrated a desire and commitment to win. If the fans behind the support for the team they will undoubtedly get help, this is self-evident, but this support for how long? To be fair, since Moyes era, Manchester United fans patience really great. "

Van Gaal about his team? He knew he wanted to play football who is it? Manchester United played a few times too rigid and too easy for someone else to guess, I know it's not Manchester United. Manchester United hope Goals and control the pace of the game, Marshall did. He scored a couple of goals, then he will appear on the left, one will appear on the right. "

Before Ashley - Young is a left wing, and then a right back, he is a left-back Rojo starting a couple of times a month and suddenly he could not starting debut, and then he went back to the arena cloth. Linde is a good player, he suddenly behave as we are familiar with the Blinder and I think Van Gaal did not know his team, he no longer trust the player.

2015/12/30 11:47:11