Miami sits at home challenges ushered Wizards, the Wizards Section poor performance only 7 points, they will halftime behind 19 points for the game to lose the suspense early. In the end, the Heat to 97-75 victory over the Wizards won the victory.

Wizards data: - John Wall 14 points and four rebounds and five assists, Marcin - Gortat 12 points and 13 rebounds, Garrett - Temple 9 points 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Substitute aspects, Ramon - Sessions 13 points and five assists.

Heat Data: Chris Bosh - 23 points, seven rebounds and three assists, Hassan - Whiteside 6 points, 13 rebounds and six blocked shots, Dwyane - Wade 8 points 4 rebounds, Golan - la Silajdzic 18 points and five assists. Substitute aspects, Gerald - Green 15 points and four rebounds, Taylor - Johnson 10 points and seven rebounds.

Beginning of the game the Heat show a fiery state, Bosh and Wade have been made to help the Heat opened the scoring, with Hou Boshi manufacture opponents fast break fast at no defensive foul, two free throws threw's scored four points, the Heat scene quickly occupied the initiative. Wizards here rely on Porter's jumper to break the deadlock, and then hit the long shot outside Wall series of hot pursuit score. Sessions stalemate has labeled as 2 + 1 to help the Wizards ahead score, but even with a fine cast Bosh last paragraph quickly regain the advantage. Single section of Harding Park, Temple hit the ultra-long three-pointers, the Wizards to 24-25 with a 1-point deficit into the sect.

Section became a turning point in the audience, the Wizards suffered inexplicable scoring drought, a full one time they only had seven points, this section only 2 of their 22 shots, poor to appalling state. Heat Bosh and Taylor here - Johnson hit three consecutive start, although the Heat scoring drought followed by a brief encounter, but they quickly recovered and soon hit the state more sharp attack climax, Dragic counterattack hit the third, Wade fight back dunks succeeded, with Greene again in the third, the Heat sent a wave of 16-2 offensive quickly opened the score. Harding Park half, the Heat to 50-31 with a 19-point lead into the second half.

Easy side battles, the Wizards start relying Potter and Gortat recorded two shots slightly to stabilize the situation, the Heat's first pause here before a scoreless Whiteside but missed two free throws. Pause return lol - Deng's three points to help the Heat to stabilize the situation. Wizards from the Temple period also scored three points, but the defensive end is completely unable to restrict their opponents. Whiteside tipped succeeded, Dragic outside hit the third, the Heat Although it is impossible to limit the opponent's counterattack, but own a perfect performance on the offensive end firmly defend the lead. Dragic and Taylor - Johnson performance is quite good, especially the last one on offense, defense, Johnson first to recover the body cover, Wall breakthrough, then in the case of running out of time to steal a quick Dragic points succeeded, three cruised the Heat to 73-51 widen the advantage to 22 points.

Distal Wizards still fighting to reduce the points difference, Humphries and Wu Bulei constantly grab points. Heat here also kept hot state, Bosh hit three start with 5 points, followed by Green also outside soared in the third, holding a big lead the Heat did not give the Wizards a trace of opportunity to make progress again with Green ball, points difference was 30 points came! Since then the Heat began to relax, Wizards rely Sessions 2 + 1 and Eddie third slightly narrow the score. - Eventually, as the referee's whistle, the Heat to 97-75 away from home easily beat the Wizards won the victory.

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