Since the new season despite Inter's defense has been a qualitative improvement, but the Nerazzurri's attack was extremely weak. 12 matches only scored 12 goals in Serie A lower ranks such data. So naturally need to continue to introduce Inter Milan attacking players, according to Italian media reports, the Italian striker Mancini eyeing Candreva.

Candreva 28 years old currently plays for Lazio, Candreva played in the tournament on behalf of Lanying has more than 160 games, 34 goals and had 42 assists as well. According to "football market," the message is displayed, Candreva consider themselves not happy at Lazio, the reason lies in the old captain Mauri short-term leave, Bigeliya become the new captain of Lazio, which makes 坎德雷tile very unhappy. The afflictions of Candreva also decline this season, currently only Lanying played eight times, and dedication of data only 1 assist.

"Football Market" also broke the news that, after Bayern Munich and Manchester United are hoping to introduce Candreva, but then announced Candreva Lazio contract until 2019. However, now the situation with the current situation has been very different at that time, the player's wishes can often play a decisive role in the transfer pile them. See Candreva Lazio not happy, "Football Market" means Inter coach Roberto Mancini would be interested in this Italian international. But the media further noted Candreva perhaps until next year summer will leave Lazio, instead of January next year. In addition, "football market," claims Inter Milan will be in the coming weeks and Lazio, on Candreva transfer substantive contacts.

In addition to Candreva, Valencia midfielder Feghouli is one of Inter Milan's signings goals. It is reported Feghouli Valencia contract will expire in the summer of next year, "football market," confirmed Inter are closely watching the 25-year-old star of Algeria. But the Nerazzurri not without competitors, according to the "Football Market" report, Premier League giants Manchester United also wanted to introduce Feghouli. Also with strong financial reds can easily meet Feghouli 2.5 million euros of annual salary, so the hands of Inter Milan from Manchester United to win in order to Feghouli, difficult to imagine.

2015/11/18 3:17:46