Waterford coach Flores expressed Aguero and Silva that he coached the best players.

Flores worked with Aguero at Atletico worked for two years, it was in his hands, Aguero became the now frightening scoring machine. Which is precisely Aguero header in the 84th minute the game lore to help Manchester City beat Watford, harvest returning to the road victory.

In addition to Aguero, Manchester City another array generals David - Silva also Flores protégé, then in Valencia Flores gave a 19-year-old Silva to show their opportunities.

When asked who he coached the best players, Flores replied: "I've coached a lot of good players, but Silva and Aguero is the best."

State before Aguero is very good, because of injury after he left for a while. Maybe someone in this period of his doubts, but Aguero is definitely one of the best of several players in the world. When you are injured You will lose the rhythm. But players such as they always have very good physique, they always can quickly revert to the original self. "

2016/1/4 15:58:48