Spanish master Xikeleite less happy recently. Local time this morning, he attended a team training session support toy large collection activities (January 6 is Three Kings Festival in Spain, children will receive a gift on that day), Ke Leite took the opportunity to talk about the Canadian yesterday Catalan derby. Spaniard to win a valuable one point in yesterday's crucial game against city rivals in, but criticized by the rival team. The Spanish President of the Barcelona critics say the Spaniards were too radical attack.

Ke Leite said: "Barcelona in the Catalan nationalists began to us again this suspicion, for us it is a shame I did not hear what Barcelona player or coach to say, but we have been so. suspicion whenever what is happening, they began to say the violence, which is a shame. that we violent, this is a lie. Every time they did not win, there will be such an argument. Only a few people to see the so-called violence, they strive to prove that this is the reason they could not win. This is a normal race, I think it is clear that the referee did not spot any excesses. "

Spanish President also expressed the hope that this incident will not continue to have an impact on Wednesday's King's Cup teams of law enforcement match referee. He said: "Maybe they want in the King's Cup (King's Cup first round match both teams will be in January 6 Wednesday) before the impact on the referee."

Spanish President also refused to accept the club fans Neymar accused of racist insult, reportedly the former Barcelona and Barcelona player Andres Iniesta main Xifuleisa have to be confirmed on the matter. Ke Leite said: "I was there, and the other 30,000 fans together, nothing happened because the whole thing on one utterance fermented, but not mass incidents, their allegations are lies that is. a high-risk game, did any incidents. Fans admirable attitude, this is a proud we were able to match, let us for the future with excitement. Spaniard Chairman concluded to allow those on the field Match Results unhappy people, "Do not bother the Spanish club" at the end, and expressed his full support for the team, and the team expressed the feelings of all the fans of the club is to Spanish pride.

2016/1/4 16:09:12